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Affordable Senior Housing Solution Unveiled ATNIC2019

September 12, 2019

Elevate Senior Living is a new affordable Assisted Living and Memory Care mid-market offering by American Healthcare Management Group in partnership with Spellman Brady & Company.

Elevate is a 96-104 bed, amenity rich, stylishly designed 55,000 square foot community that can be built for $5,000,000 less than traditional AL/MC models in the industry today, while delivering 40+% net operating returns.

Designed with the average Senior in mind, Elevate is available in 1 or 2 story models that house 16 private rooms in a small house concept. Common spaces are multi-use while eliminating long corridors and keeping staff needs to a minimum.  Elevate provides equal amenities, activities and care at an affordable price.

This senior living solution,  will address the needs and concerns of the more than 14,000,000 seniors that cannot afford to live in the communities currently in the marketplace, states Joe Jasmon, CEO of American Healthcare Management Group (AHMG).

AHMG is a management and consulting organization focused on creating industry leading and challenging solutions for Hospitals, Health Systems, Senior Living Organizations, Mental Health, Physician Practices, and Family Enterprises. AHMG brings forward proven clinical and business models designed to support a variety of business. AHMG is an industry leader in supporting the further development of leading edge solutions for our clients.  Joseph Jasmon serves as CEO / Managing Partner of American Healthcare Management Group (AHMG), a nationally recognized consulting firm focused on operational and financial improvements.  Jasmon has served as the CEO / Managing Partner of AHMG since its inception in 2004

Spellman Brady & Company is an award-winning interior design firm specializing in senior living, healthcare, and higher education environments. The firm maintains design excellence by delivering comprehensive interior design, furniture, artwork master planning, and procurement services. As a Certified WBE Business, Spellman Brady & Company has completed more than 6,300 projects in 43 states and abroad since its founding in 1991. For more information about Spellman Brady & Company, please visit

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Contact:  Joe Jasmon 904/806-9944

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